Monday, June 6, 2011

Stalley Newsletter-June 2011


It may still be Spring, but it feels like Summer which is the perfect time of year for Lincoln Way Nights. Providence, Maine and D.C. already experienced Lincoln Way Nights on the road last month and thanks to everyone who came out and made those shows amazing. Lincoln Way Nights will continue to cruise all summer, stopping this month in Houston on June 11, Austin on June 12, Jacksonville with the Jet Life tour on June 13, and Nuvo Lounge in Trenton, NJ on June 30. Follow Stalley's show calendar on his Songkick page.
In addition to bringing Lincoln Way Nights to cities across America, Stalley has released a few treats this month including Chevys and Space Ships, the track "Runnin' Rebels" on Maybach Music Group's Self Made and "Cookup" with Wale and Black Cobain. Stalley made it on Hypebeast's Street Snaps again during his recent trip to Providence. And finally, Stalley appears in this month's issue of Spin and was also recently a guest on Green Lantern's Sirius show for the release of Self Made.
Stay tuned to Stalley's new homepage for all the updates on the blog there, check out his High Snobiety blog, his channel "The Milq" on Creative Control, and feel free to hit Stalley up on Facebook or Twitter any time. Don't forget "The Autobiography" is free to download directly here or in high quality format on Bandcamp. Best, Team Stalley