Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Marianne Nems Gallery Present: Ugly-Kid GUMO

Update form the Good people over at the Marianne Nems Gallery, Ugly - Kid GUMO first ever New York Solo Show! Definitely worth the time and effort to head over to one of New Yorks Premier Galleries for Low Brow and Emerging art. Read more below.


PRESENT First Solo Exhibition of
Emerging French Street Artist in New York

Marianne Nems Gallery & Dorian Grey Gallery
are proud to present the first Solo Exhibition of French Emerging Artist Ugly-Kid GUMO; Artist, writer, born in 1980 in France, near Paris. Studied and graduated in 2003 obtaining a "Diplome Superieur" at  ESAA  (Ecole Superieure des Arts Appliques) Duperré, Paris, France. He worked briefly in the Fashion design industry then shifted with devotion towards the fine arts. Gumo's work is motley Gumo and finds no constraint. Gumo speaks as freely as possible with what our environment offers, media and entertainment. Graffiti in the street, at a canvas, in a cellar,  a collage or a text down on paper, his work has no real strings attached but seems more driven by the fused energy that surround us, a mixture of anger, passion, trash, naive, sometimes borrowing a rare physical and moral violence, rarely quiet as a reflection of what we see around us, this world and life we've chosen."As far as I'm able to remember, I've always been fascinated by painting, pictures and words…more
Opening reception is from 6-9pm, June 23 GUMO with Guest Artist BIZARD
BIZARD is a French performer and visual artist. Architect graduated in 1998 for his work on the link between dance and built space, BIZARD follows a cursus in dance and choreography from 1996 to 2000 at the Amsterdam Art Academy. 
He exposes the body's identity, desires and transformation in his creations, participates to dance and theater shows, performs with Jérôme Bel (The Show Must Go On), Gwenaël Morin, Min Tanaka, Montalvo Hervieu, is scenographer for Meg Stuart, and works regularly with the Centre Pompidou since 2000…more

Exhibition Curated by Marianne Nems

based with the main focus on contemporary fine art. The Gallery devotes itself to promoting new artistic talent. Marianne Nems Gallery supports & curates young artists who have gone on to achieve international recognition. Moreover Marianne Nems Gallery continues to scout out new European, Asian and American talent. Photography, painting, sketches, sculpture, video creations…all existing art forms are expressed by artists from every continent.

The Dorian Grey Gallery has become the East Village's hottest art attraction for emerging art. The gallery is a dynamic retail venue geared towards showcasing both established and emerging artists. With a keen eye focused on "street art" and the New York emerging art scene the Dorian Grey Gallery continues to be the premier exhibition space and "voice" for the numerous local undiscovered and rising artistic talents. Most exhibitions feature art where street and graffiti themed works are displayed alongside other pieces that represent a diverse selection of exemplary art offered in an intimate and informative environment…more
The Gallery is open 
Tuesday-Friday 11-7
Saturday 12-8
Sunday 12-6
Closed Monday

Live Performance at Opening Reception 
June 23 6-9pm

(Click to Preview Exhibition) GUMO& Guest Artist BIZARD will present "MASK" a live performance.BIZARD and GUMO's collaboration experienced a series of "performed" portraits inspired from Haitian Carnival and expressed via western street art media, nude body and head covered by tape and graffiti
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Press Release By Ugly-Kid GUMO

Posted: May 8th, 2011 | Author: loisstavsky
When I last visited the Dorian Grey Gallery, a relatively new space in NYC's East Village that has already featured solo shows by such artists as Crash and LA II, I was drawn to a few images — almost hidden from view — lying on a desk.  I discovered that they are the work of the Parisian street artist, Ugly Kid-Gumo. Working in a New York…more
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To create graffiti is to engage in urban guerilla warfare.  Renegades of refinement, graffiti artists take cold, inanimate slabs of concrete and other disregarded objects from our society and manufacture fleeting masterpieces.   The fact that these works are both illegal and transient is what makes this medium one of the most authentic forms of expression and those … more