Monday, May 21, 2018


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Rest easy kiddo we may have not of been the best of friend and we disagreed on a host of different things but i remember your moms coming through looking for you @flightclub when all you was doing was selling kicks. Fast forward and your gone now because of a drug overdose. The moral of this story is stop doing heroin, coke, Meth and other hard drugs kids and get your fix off a pair of kicks! . . . _____________________________________________________________ #love #streetart #amazing #smile #lookbook #instalike #igers #polo #foodporn #Banksy #collector #picoftheday #food #foodrap #instadaily #instafollow #followme #art #instagood #bestoftheday #instagram #follow #colorful #style #swag #sneakers #NYC #Shoelebrity #forsale #BestKicksOnTheGram


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5.21.72 - 3.9.97 your legacy shall live on #BIGFOREVER 👑 . . .

Monday, April 16, 2018

Sneaker Culture is at an all time low and we are the ones to blame


Footwear Cultures Digital Dominance is now in the power of the brands. Since when did thedraw, raffles, confirmed, twitter, instagram, and reserved become the only way to buy footwear? Why did the consumer allow itself to be consumed by the hyped and under hyped releases, marketing pushes and the sorts?

What happened to the days when you could walk into a shop hang out and talk shop with the employees? What happened to the days of making footwear for the people? Why am I looking into third party resellers and apps to buy the shoes that released today? Why cant I just walk into a shop and ask for my size and walk out fresher than before?
The reason lies in the power of the brands like nike & adidas who are the biggest culprits of this digital divide. The truth is, the brands have forgotten the consumer aspect of footwear culture. It is now driven by false popularity, and invented realism. The campaigns around the most popular silhouettes have now become so bland and uninspiring that buying into them is a crime. They lack the feel of real life situations, everyday people, and the occasional celebrity cameo.  Speaking of celebrities: all we see now is the KKK of footwear:  The Kim Kardashian's, The Kanye's, and The Kendall's.  In turn we are now seeing some of the worst sneakers taking center stage. The truth is the brands have dumbed down the use of materials, lessened production of pairs for the public, and raised the bottomline retail prices causing us to pay more for less shoe. I would keep on blogging about it but the truth of all of this is:

I really miss the days of trying on shoes, looking in the mirror in the store to see how they look and imagining the outfit I was going to put together to wear with these kicks and feel fresh to death....

Stay tuned more to come 

Time flies water dries and kids grow like never before




Nick Bullen X SNEAKERSNSTUFF X Converse


Monday, October 24, 2011

Banksy Girl With Balloon

Available at Gallery 618
contact info below

Gallery 618

Banksy Girl With Balloon

Girl With Balloon
Screen Print on Paper
66 x 50cm
From the Numbered Edition of 600
Price: $ 9,500

Gallery Six-Eighteen 314.828.8519

Monday, October 10, 2011

The end of an era.....

I have decided to end the blogger foodrap blog and move it over to so all address redirects will now reirect themselves to and you will fond all sorts of information across the pages menu as wella s my updates to the blog.

Thanks to all that followed and supported this blog I do all on my own. No outside influences other than the people around me. No brandas are giving me money to promote there product n my blog...Not yet at

visit http://christophervidal.cim/blog for more

Peace & blessings

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Reminder >> Skullphone + Curtis Kulig's Scripture at Mallick Williams & Co.

Tonights the night! Curtis Kulig & Skullphone present: SCRIPTURE


For more than seven years,
Skullphone and Kulig have productively supported each other in outdoor
installations. In Scripture, both artists' iconic motifs are formally exemplified. Additionally, a glimpse
into their different painting styles is captured in a "window-shopping" style video installation. Although
the artworks blend seamlessly throughout the installation, each artists' distinctive direction stands alone.


Skullphone continues his Digital Media paintings at Mallick Williams with three distinct groupings:
a series of crosses, circles, and a reflection wall. Skullphone's paintings employ a deliberate grid
system of red, blue, and green paint on mirror-polished aluminum panels resembling LEDs. The
artist documents our world - one which is increasingly communicating with brief encounters via
technology - through a laborious painting process.


Curtis Kulig
has innovated his own technique by smearing his cursive "Love Me" script on canvas as
opposed to his standard process of scrawling onto buildings, walls and streets. Overall, viewers are
reminded of the adored or hated, scratched and buffed "Love Me" seen throughout vast public spaces.
The repetition of his writing on the street is echoed in the repeated graphic and similar dimension of
each panel. The phrase mirrors the pleas of all individuals to find security in their own cities.


Lexdray Weekend Pop-Up Shop in NYC

If your one of those i gotta have my bag with me everywhere I go guys like me, then you have to get a Lexdray bag on your back. There is no reason for you to carry around another, " Damn I wish this bag was bigger " bags anymore. Now that Lexdray will be doing a POP-UP Shop in the world renowned REED SPACE ANNEX, its your time to step your game up, organize your life and get into the right gear.

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MBW - Opera Gallery London

Mr Brainwash Opera GalleryMBW in LondonMr Brainwash Opera GalleryMr Brainwash Opera GalleryMr Brainwash Opera GalleryMr Brainwash Opera Gallery
Mr Brainwash Opera GalleryMr Brainwash Opera GalleryMr Brainwash Opera GalleryMr Brainwash Opera GalleryMr Brainwash Opera GalleryMr Brainwash Opera Gallery
Mr Brainwash Opera GalleryMr Brainwash Opera GalleryMr Brainwash Opera GalleryMr Brainwash Opera GalleryMr Brainwash Opera GalleryMr Brainwash Opera Gallery
Mr Brainwash Opera GalleryMr Brainwash Opera GalleryMr Brainwash Opera GalleryMr Brainwash Opera GalleryMr Brainwash Opera GalleryMr Brainwash Opera Gallery

pics courtesy of S.Butterfly