Friday, March 18, 2011

Vulkan breaks Lucy Down

The Lucy Naive Mixtape Download Link CLICK HERE

As Im sure most of yall have downloaded the mixtape.It was a year in process and mad work.Lost some friends and gained some more.I went broke during the process and in the first two weeks it's been out mad downloads have been had.The first link crashed,but this second link is good still.We are still waiting for bigger sites/blogs to post it so that's a great start.My goal is 50k and I won't stop till this happens. I wanted to give a break down of the mixtape and what each song is about.

Most people really were skeptic or didn't know i could rhyme at all.Or just were judgmental at that fact that I was trying to do what "they"were doing.But that's the beauty,because I rapped longer than most people I know.I've heard music longer, and I studied it on a personal level and academic level.Studied audiences and people, it was my job before lol.So let's go in my mind right now to breakdown, track by track what the mixtape is about. Click on the post title to move ahead - VulkanTheKrusader 3.17.11