Sunday, March 27, 2011

via @NatalioTabaco F*ck What You Heard

Whats up all my man 50 grand dominicano puro de queens sent me this and i thought i should pass it along, shit i mean why should i enjoy and not the fam...

from @nataliotabaco
In case you weren't able to make it out to my first showcase brought to you by The EarPeace, A Lesser Evil, and DJ Get Live  attached is a link to the slide show we put together recapping the night. It was an insane night, Tammany Hall was crowded to the gills and the performers absolutely killed it. Big shouts to Shaz IllYork, Meyhem Lauren, Fresh Daily and Rocky Business for putting on amazing performances. Also Big up Dj Getlive and Dj Schoolboy for keeping the crowd rocking all night long and keeping the music jumping. I realize the slideshow can not recreate the full experience of the live performances which is why A lesser Evil and The EarPeace in conjuction with DJ Getlive have put together the "F*ck What You Heard" mixtape featuring all the artists that performed at the showcase and many more homies who's music you might of not heard. Make sure to click on the link and download the mix for free!! The mixtape includes two  30 minute sides with some of the best music coming out of New York City from all the best acts out now including Ninjasonik, Maluca Mala, Cody B ware, Team FaceLift, Memberz Only, Action Bronson, Homeboy Sandman, Kooley High, Jasmine Solano, Theophilus London, Nesby Phipps and we even found a way to fit in Tyler The Creator and Lil B. I guarantee you that there is no mix out right now that covers all the newest and best music out like this so download it and see for your self. There are more showcases and more mixes to come from "F*ck What You Heard" so keep your eyes and ears open...

F*ck What You Heard SlideShow 

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