Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Real Black Rob - Up North

Black Rob has to be one of New York's....ahem, excuse me, Harlem's last representatives, the Eastside Soprano aka Rob Marciano, the Harlem Horror aka  Robby O also known as Banco Pop for being known to pop a thang thang or two to get to that bank. Spending money like it don't matter, was the motto of the late 90's into the new millennium. Black Rob stole the show like WHOA, he told us all about Mrs Barry and his life story through a Thug Story, he explained how dame espacio meant to gimme some space and after a few joints in the bing, he still came back as a Star in the hood looking for a Spanish fly named Jasmine to say I dare you or I love you baby, . He quickly replied with: You don't know me and asked Can i live when he grabbed the mike and spat that shit like a true Warrior, when the judge yelled the Verdict in the Courtroom and most of ya thought it's Lights Out or heard he got life! but all he heard was B.R., When you come home, same niggas that Smile in ya face then asking after a world tour Help me out or shouting Long Live B.R.!

 Black Rob on

Black Rob performing I dare you live at the legendary Tunnel, (not my video) peep how i keep cutting in front of the camera man with my own camera and the crispy tape up!