Wednesday, November 24, 2010

AG Da Coroner: You can call this "Chemical Rap" Meyhem Lauren

Is what AG Da Coroner called it on Meyhem Lauren's newest joint: "Sound Boy Massacre"

But is it chemical rap? is it real hip hop? What the fuck is chemical rap? WTF is real Hip Hop in 2010? is it Young Money? Nicky Minaj? Gucci Mane? Kanye? Jeezy? GTFOH with that already.

So why would AG call it Chemical Rap? Well its because: or at least i think,  It's like the first time you saw her, you know who she is, the baddest bitch you ever seen before!, the one that made you change your plans and turn around to ask her her name, the one that made you run across the street at a loss of words stunned by her beauty and all you could say was " God bless you ", or that first blunt you burn after getting out of bookings, or better yet,  the first piece of trim you got when you was too young to even know what trim was, its the hit that you kept waiting for that never came and you fell asleep and woke up and saw that the yankees had one yet another game after a clinch.....No its not chemical rap, its not about chemicals and its nothing more than pure hip hop from one of Queens Double L representatives still making sure the world knows that the Life of Lo we chose wasn't always by choice, it's what made us call them The OutdoorsMen, Ralphie's Kids, Lo Life$, Lo Heads or whatever you thought you belonged to depending on how old you are.

Its a lyrical fix for the Starving Hip Hop Fiends of real rap