Wednesday, July 14, 2010

@EMEK Coheed 2010

EMEK Studios, Inc.

Coheed and Cambria 2010


We will be selling our copies of the artist edition poster that I made for
Coheed & Cambria's Tour of the Black Rainbow 2010
This 8 color silkscreen depicts a fossil fuel burning Fossil.

The poster is signed, numbered, embossed and doodled
and comes with a handbill

measures: 24 x 27.5
pic here:

Coheed and Cambria 2010 "Triceratops"  limited Artist Ediiton 
goes on sale this Thursday July 15th at 4:00pm pacific time

$75 + shipping


Prior to the sale, please make sure your SHIPPING ADDRESS in paypal is CORRECT 

Go to at 4:00pm pacific time on Thursday July 15th

Click on the STORE/INFO button at the bottom of the home page

The store will open at approximately 4pm PST. A photo of the poster will appear with a BUY NOW button.

 Be aware that the system might close the store if too many orders are processed at once, 

you will see the message SOLD OUT OR TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK, wait a few minutes and REFRESH,

 If posters are still available, then the store will reopen a few minutes later.

When the poster does sell out completely, the store will display: STORE IS NOW CLOSED


Be sure to complete the sale in order to see a confirmation # so you know that the purchase went through.

You will NOT receive a second confirmation from us 

* Your paypal receipt is your proof of purchase.

Thank you


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