Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Abztract X Joe Iurato Print Release


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Abztract is proud to announce the release of two new limited edition prints with Abztract Collective featured artist Joe Iurato.

Joe Iurato is a New York based stencil artist who has been exploring his skills with cutting stencils for a few years. He signs his work :01. He doesn't do it to conceal his identity, though. It's his belief that a single second is the most powerful measurement of time -- it only takes a second to decide you're going to move forward in a positive direction, regardless of the obstacles and challenges you'll face in life.

Abztract has joined Joe Iurato to release these two very special limited edition, signed and numbered prints. Each are a 5-color print and both measured at 18 X 12. One titled "Watering Can (Peace)" and the second titled "Watering Can (Love)". They are both an edition of 44 and will be available starting today for an amazing price of $35 each or $50 for both.

About the prints, Joe says "The stencils are of my two year-old son, Hudson. I was watching him water the lawn, rocks, basically anything beneath his feet one day, and I got to thinking about a person's instinct to nurture and love. My son knows that if he waters the grass, he will help it to grow. And that thought is not selective - he'll continue to water everything else beside it: the rocks, bricks, cracks in the sidewalk, my shoes. When he's done, he's proud, and he looks to me for confirmation. I can feel how innocent and honest his heart is...how every child's heart is. There's no bias, no hate, no greed. He doesn't discriminate because he hasn't yet learned what discrimination is. So everything gets watered and given a chance to grow. It's in the simplest moments like that - when he grabs a watering can - that I understand what my job is in this world; It's to keep his heart in that place. And as he grows, he'll see the world as it should be - not as it's been - and he'll do his part to nurture it. After all, tomorrow belongs to the children. We should allow them to grow it."

You can buy the prints exclusively on the Abztract Shop at www.abztract.com
Large format images of the prints can be found below.

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