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PangeaSeed Presents Sink or Swim ~ San Francisco in Review - Second Release Josh Keyes Scorch 1 Coming Soon

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With the smoke now cleared - though the buzz still remains - PangeaSeed would like to share some of the "Hype and Cheers" floating around the interweb regarding our little ol' shark saving art exhibition Sink or Swim ~ San Francisco.


[...] Before the show even opened, over 100 fans lined up (some as early as 6 in the morning) down the block in order to buy the Scorch I print from Josh Keyes. The show also included prints and original artwork Dan May, Dave Kinsey, Ingri Haraldsen, Jen Lobo, Jessica Ward, Kevin Earl Taylor, Mike Stilkey, Paul Chatem, Roland Tamayo and more and only ran until Sunday, but you can still keep an eye out on the PangeaSeed website for additional print releases, or contact Spoke Art for artwork inquiries. All proceeds from this exhibition goes to help save the sharks.Wilson, Rhys Cooper and Tapecat. A line of over 100 people stretched down the block as people waited to get their hands on a coveted Josh Keyes' print. 'Sink or Swim' ends its weekend run later this evening, Sunday September 25th, with a closing party, non San Franciscans will get their chance to purchase the remaining original works, and prints, in the weeks to come via PangeaSeed. [...] Marisa Ware, Hi-Fructose Magazine



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[...] Shark finning involves fishermen hooking a shark while the fish is in the water and then loading it onto the boat. Once on the boat, the shark is restrained while its fins are sliced off one by one. Still alive, but limbless, the shark is thrown back into the water. What follows is a slow and likely agonizing death for the shark. The fish will either starve, drown, or be slowly eaten by other fish.

PangeaSeed is using all its resources to smoke this bastard out of its hole and force it into the global spotlight. This past Friday, September 23rd the organization partnered with Hi-Fructose web editor Ken Harman's "Spoke Art" gallery in San Francisco and debuted their first U.S. art exhibit. The show exhibits a variety of art created by an eclectic group of artists: Dave Kinsey, Josh Keyes, Jeff Soto, Jim Phillips, Rhys Cooper, Brad Klausen, Natsuki Wakita, Shark Toof, Akinori Oishi, Mike Stilkey, Rah Akaishi, Faunagraphic, Tim McDonagh, Clint Wilson, Mario Wagner, John Fellows, Spencer Keeton Cunningham, Matt Dye, Yoh Nagao, Wrecks/Nao Harada, Cupco, Paul Chatem, Skount, Koji Harmon, Jessica Ward, Michael Glinski-Gale Hart, Skinner, Claudio Ethos, Alison Sommers, Nathan Spoor, Dan May, Roland Tamayo, Ingri Haraldsen, Jen Lobo, John Malloy, Josh Hart, Kaitlin Beckett, Ben Wilson, Serge Gay Jr., Tapecat and Kevin Earl Taylor. [...]  - Ariel Maccarone, ChinaShop Magazine   

Be sure to check out the latest PangeaSeed video documenting Sink or Swim ~ San Francisco:



Uncle Earl's Sink or Swim SHARK-MOBILE  


In the build up to Sink or Swim San Francisco, artists Spencer Cunningham Keeton, Aaron Glasson and Rah Akaishi with the help of Graham and Mike collaborated on this huge painting on a truck belonging to local SF legend Uncle Earl. The huge piece took around 30 hours to complete, just in time for the exhibition opening on Friday the 23rd of September at Spoke Art Gallery on Sutter Street, San Francisco, featuring over 40 great artists from around  the globe coming together to help save sharks. 
Uncle Earl's Sink or Swim SHARK MOBILE
Uncle Earl's Sink or Swim SHARK-MOBILE


All the art in the following catalog is for sale on a first come, first serve basis.  Proceeds from the sale of artwork go directly to help PangeaSeed continue our campaign to help save sharks and oceans.  We thank you for your consideration.

Jen Lobo

Brad Klausen - Patterns of Peace

Dave Kinsey - Sink or Swim


For a complete list of available artwork please see the following link:



Media Contact:
Tre' L. Packard
PangeaSeed Managing Director
Email: info(@)
Tel: +81 (0)50-7500-6775
Spoke Art Gallery
816 Sutter St.
San Francisco, CA 94109
Email: spokeartgallery(@)
Tel: +1 415 796 3774
2nd Print Release of JOSH KEYES SCORCH 1 - Dropping Soon!
Josh Keyes Scorch 
Due to overwhelming popular demand, PangeaSeed in collaboration with Josh Keyes and Spoke Art have increased the edition size of Scorch 1 from 150 to 350.  The 18X24 inch print, priced at $200 USD, is of incredible quality printed in house through Spoke Art editions.  The remaining 200 prints will be available through a lottery via within the next month or two.   


For those interested in grabbing one of these beauties, please visit the PangeaSeed website and sign up for our newsletter.  Soon, we will release a specific email address only on our website instructing where to send contact information along with instructions for a little shark homework assignment.  Didn't think it was gonna be as easy as clicking a button did ya?  We're trying to save a species from extinction here and we need your help!


Stay tuned, Shark Lovers ~ 



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PangeaSeed Presents: Sink or Swim Tokyo
PangeaSeed Presents: Sink or Swim TOKYO


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