Sunday, September 18, 2011

Front row at the Mercedes Benz - New York Fashion Week 2011

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So it was the the Creme' de la Creme' of the Fashion World. It was a jubilee of jewelry from necks to napes where Haute Couture played the background and let todays real woman stand in front and shine above the rest. It's where the fashion fiends get there fix. Where the well dressed get there dose of medicine.  Yet the best part of shooting Fashion Week was my obliviousness to the fact there of. Look, I know the name Anna Wintour, who doesn't? Shes like the mother hen of fashion. Shes the one who says if it looks good or not. The make you or break you moment right before prom night. Then there's the name Hamish Bowles. Ever heard it? No? Well me neither. but if you want to go anywhere in the fashion world ( some do )  The man of men in fashion. The knighted know it all who lets you know  but if your in the know, then you should also know the names of (shameless name dropping plug for searching & tag purposes :) Bryan Boy, Anna Dello Russo, Susie Bubble, and Corine Roitfeld to name a few names,  all concentrated under one big huge white tent! The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Lincoln Center! An amazing venue for an amazing show about to go underway. The host, who else but the greatest car manufacturer in the world Mercedes-Benz to host the chase down the runway of next years must have looks. Mercedes-Benz provided an incredible time for the Style Cartel and myself to cruise around the town in the worlds first ever Fashion Ranger ML350. Cruising through the streets snapping photos of the elite few flaunting there wares on the concrete streets of New York City.

 So my first day I had know idea what to expect, I for one have never shot a live fashion show as a job. Meaning, I have never been hired to shoot a show.. shit, I've barely been hired to do anything other than get let go after a so I had no idea what to expect. No idea how to act or behave The other photographers are either really really cool, real meanies that push and shove they way to the back cause to the front they aint going if I'm there... (brooklyn where you at?) or interns being used and taken advantage of. Yes even in the word of fashion interns are merely peons in the eyes of the kings and mostly queens of todays moda.

Well in the photographers pit I made my own row and or found myself a spot somewhere near this guy Rich aka Totally Cool who ran the show. Really, he told who to sit, stand or where to place there mono and tri-pods.  He's a f*cking Rockstar in his own rights! he does and says what he wants to whomever he wants. Security was taking orders from this guy. This guy Rich aka Totally Cool unofficially runs the photographers pit during fashion week. No one knows how or who he works for, but knows if you mess with Rich, you aint cool and you might not get that shot you need, and not getting the shot means missing your shot at getting that check...
 Rich & me outside the Tadashi Shoji show

I'll explain; The photographers pit is a highly respectable yet degradable type of place. There is no fashion world without the photographer. Plain and simple. Argue what you may but, the images of trends to come, the unseen seams of tomorrows scene is what the photographer brings into focus and onto all those magazine covers, web pages and billboards. Without the press there is no irony in the ironing of an evening gown to tout about the town at night and no reason for this parade on the runway. As much as security will assist you in anything you need for the show yet they will easily eject you if your out of focus with what THEY are saying. Stay in line, play and protect your position, knowing that getting the right angle isn't always the best one but full frontal fashion forward facing is where you want to shoot from.
So day one was as interesting as your first day at school. No really, it was a frigging fashion show,  and if you've ever been to school on the first day in any of he five boros of the greatest place on earth - New York City.... than you know what the nervousness is all about. Everyone had on there finest threads. The best dressed were the ones who took the least time in preparation. Simplicity ruled with big bright colors and intricate patterns on simple palettes and not the outfits that could only fit the Miss Lady Gaga and or Nicki  Minaj..

The Argentine Show: a Collective of designers form Argentina. There theme was colorful and representative of the modern day patterns found on the native African Woman of today and funtional clothing that lets the wearer bare there essentials without forsaking fashion:

The Alexander Wang show was the one you had to fight your way into. I got there as early as could be so I could get some street shots and ensure I had the best spot to shoot from. The style was one of intricate design tightly sewn and woven together on palettes of leather and stretch providing elasticity for todays trends yet looking towards a futuristic type of fashion.

All the way there it was a fun time shooting Terry Richardson & the Iconic Courtney Love.
Had a really really great time at the Alexander Wang show all thanks to Terry Richardson who walked me in after the big queen bear at the door said NO to me. Ha Ha.. its not who you are or where you are but who you know when you need to be known.

Next up we have my favorite of all the shows...

Betsey Johnson

Words can't describe the energy in this show. The way the girls worked the runway was really Betsey Johnson at her best. No other show carried as much girly girl attitude then the stunning pussycat dolls strutting there stuff on the catwalk.  I thought i was watching a burlesque show at one point. The stage was set, the curtain had been raised and the first model to parade the runway was, who-else but Betsey's own daughter the lovely Lulu. Bababooie! Draw dropping curves that never stopped turnign the heads as she pounced on the runway showing the New York audience how lovely she was walking for the girls in true mommy dearest fashion. My words are mere deterences and distractions to what my pictures have to offer.. Hope you enjoy them as much as i do.

 So many more pics of at least a dozen more shows including Charlotte Ronson, Cynthia Rowley, Doo Ri, Rebecca Minkoff, Herve Ledger, Mandy Coon, Diesel and more to come..

The first of a weeks worth of installments from Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week 2011