Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Chris Vidal & Style Cartel Lead the Mercedes Benz Fashion Ranger on a Fashion Week Frenzy

Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week

Roy his dog Reggie and Mr I'm too sexy for your camera.....

Navigation System:

The ever so fabulous Charlotte of the Style Cartel

Our mission: To drive around the traffic infested streets of the greatest place in the world, New York City during Mercedes-Benz fashion week in the Mercedes-Benz ML 350 Fashion Ranger. We started out in front of Lincoln Center at 215ish were greeted and meeted by Darryl,  who was just the coolest guy in the world a native New Yorker who set on an expedition and got the Fashion Ranger  around town without getting caught in the web of traffic that was and makes this,  the greatest place on earth.

We started snapping away at the runway tape outside the Donna Karan show where we found a charming childhood crush of mine. As pretty as a rose she was in her red gown on the arm of another gentle fellow, charmed I'm sure.  < insert witty ending remark here >... Oh Though so delighted to see my reflection in the eyes of a fashion manic  Anna Dellorusso all while looking to be looked at by the look so many came to see...huh? You know what I mean...  So what if we didn't get no photo love from Antwon aka Mr stylist to the stars of yesteryear who don't work anymore...Lol at him asking to share a ride to be driven to the next show :) Love was in the air as the boys and girls, the dictators and dutchesses of design carpeted 26th street and made the Fashion Ranger a symbol of Fashionalism ..

But the most highest award went to the Prince of Panache.. the most respectable and admirable...  the one and only...Hamish Bowles . Yes the man who was the talk of the town with his straw tote that was one to tout about. Out matching the Fashion Ranger in a final fashion showdown we were no match for the needle and sew of the front row- so off to the streets of Soho where I found the lovely Ladies of Loreal outside the Dash NYC Boutique, Butt not the beautiful Kardashian we started to sigh the Lovey Emily of Loreal and gave us some spritz and shined up the photo-op with us on the hood of the Ranger. Hair set and ready to go start heading through historical St Marks to pick up and maybe take in some of the Trash & Vaudeville scene all while we cruise down to the Lower East Side and Say hi to the Ambassadors of street wear over on Rivington Street. Hence we spotted a new K1X spot on Lafayette Street, got laced up, gave a pound and did a full creative 360 back to the tents at Lincoln Square.

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 Chris Vidal is on the other side of the Canon 5DMKII and the Style Cartel is rocking the passenger side for Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week in the 2012 ML 350 4-Matic Fashion Ranger.

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