Wednesday, August 17, 2011


If you ever thought you was down, then now is the time to come and snatch the crown...

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Yard Dogs
Wooster Street Social Club
43 Wooster Street
New York, NY
Opening reception: Thursday, August 18th, 2011
Exhibition on view August 18th – September 10th, 2011
Graffiti today is such an accepted part of urban culture that at times we forget the pioneers who risked life, limb, and arrest to
make it a widely appreciated art form.
Yard Dogs will showcase 15 veterans of a New York City art movement that actually moved. KR, BIO, T-Kid 170, Keo, NICER, James Top, PNUT2, Rebel, CES, SHARP, Fritos, NIC 707, CEY, REVOLT, and Tracy 168 are among the artists
that will show us why popular culture, entertainment media, museums, galleries, and curators have been inspired by what is
largely thought of as a heroic art form firmly rooted in a salt of the earth philosophy.
New York City is a place where people race to work, to school, to play, to the bank, and to the market, all the while walking
briskly, head down, eyes forward. The only time you got to see graffiti was while waiting on a subway platform as the train
rolled in and came screeching to a halt. Graffiti in New York was conceived as “art in motion” and fit perfectly into the rush
hour mentality, but the significance of these urban hieroglyphics was often lost on the average subway rider.
Today the history of Graffiti can be read and the evolution of style appreciated in an alternative environment. Yard Dogs will demonstrate that, although graffiti has evolved, in its own words, it speaks for itself. In addition to original works by New York City’s great graffiti masters, the exhibition will also present a digital media presentation of a selection of artist portraits by photographer Joe Russo.

Many of the participating artists will be in attendance for the opening reception on August 18th.

About Wooster Street Social Club
Wooster Street Social Club is a tattoo shop, art gallery, and event space that plays host to TLCs newest reality show NY Ink.
But this is far from your typical walk in tattoo parlor. Wooster Street Social Club is in the heart of NYCs SoHo district, which
is arguably one of the most artistic, creative, and fashion forward communities in the world. It is an environment where art,
culture, media, commerce, and entertainment live together and can be understood as complementary rather than mutually
Through a series of art shows, activities, lectures, tastings, and large-scale events, Wooster Street Social Club has established
itself as an ever-changing nexus of NYC’s creative community. The bottom line is to bring something new to the table, a
forum for creativity, and something that is uniquely New York.