Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Stalley Newsletter-August 2011

The month of July found Stalley cruising through the greater United States of America. Thanks to everyone that showed amazing amounts of support in Birmingham, Dallas, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Portland, NYC, St. Louis, Oklahoma City and other cities. This month Stalley will bring Intelligent Trunk Music to Cincinnati on August 20, Chicago on August 26, Toronto on August 27 and Tacoma, Washington for the Grit City Fest on August 28. Don't miss Stalley when he's in your area as he was named one of Spin's 30 Best Tours this summer. Keep up with all of the upcoming tour dates on his Songkick page.

Besides headlining shows this past month, Stalley also joined Rick Ross on I Am Still Music Tour dates in Scranton, Cleveland and New Jersey. The bearded duo also revealed the trailer for Stalley's "Lincoln Way Nights (Shop Remix)" music video, which will be released later this month. Stalley also released the music video for "Pound", which was directed by Walu and will be making its way on your local cable music channels in the near future. Expect many more visuals and much more music from Stalley in the weeks to come as well.

Stay tuned to Stalley's website for all the updates on the blog there, check out his newly launched Webstore, his High Snobiety blog, his channel "The Milq" on Creative Control, and feel free to hit Stalley up on Facebook or Twitter any time. Don't forget "The Autobiography" is still available for free download directly here or in high quality format on Bandcamp. Best, Team Stalley