Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Red Carpet sneaker Boutique is not just another mom and pop shop, yet it is what a real Brooklyn Sneaker shop is all about, its a family owne and operated business, a family thats been in and around the shoe game since the late 70'swhen there was a handful of shops that were around and still are. Offering the latest and greatest Nike an dJordan Brand have to offer, Red Carpet or RDCPT is bringing the look and feel of the uber exclusive and high end Madison ave boutiques, the rare shoes only found in Soho and the Lower are now and always been available in our beloved Brooklyn. RDCPT isnt a bunch of hypebeasts or conceited retail kings, there just a family and a few friends bringing the borough of Brooklyn the attention it deserves.

RDCPT 547 Fulton Street, corner of Fulton & Bond Streets.... tell them chris vidal sent'cha and get a 10% discount until Sunday, it might not seem like much, but it'll definitely buy you and the lady some world famous Junior's Cheesecake which is right around the corner.