Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I had an idea of starting a project of making a capsule with an agenda but ended up with.....

a bunch of pics of these guys...

The infamous Chris Chambers & fellow Supra / Krew Family Matt Fontana... 

The Supra / Krew presence was heavy at Agenda but even more so at the Project show downtown on Mercer st where the supposed best of the best paid top dollar to show off there wares to the samepeople they see and sell to all the time. Funny tho, for a guy with no job but a really cheesy high quality business card ( which goes along way i might add ) that card got me up in all three trade shows!  Get yourself a nice business card, describe who, what and why you giving out that card in a unique title.. learn the art of hustling, the act of Bullshitting. Might help to actually know some people to before you start name dropping....
 Long time friend Keith Hufnagel aka Huf is back in the city doing it Big Apple Style with Linden who's all smiles looking for some action sports to keep the momentum going
 Take 2 hundred and 37
 2 hundred 38
 Thats a rap back to work boys..

Then who shows up but Brooklyns Own.. Jefferson Pang.
 Then it was off to Project but not before bumping into a group that needs no introduction but respect given where its due... oh, I thought you knew.
just down the street was this infriggincredible Space Invader piece made all out of rubiks cubes..

Then its back to block where Adam and Little Mike got the block on lock
Oh before I forget... Bumped into this guy too who thought I had the coolest hair cut by the way
Might I add that Lamar Odom has always been super cool on every occasion we have crossed paths..
If you aint got shit to do, want some free beer and the opportunity to see where the trends are going and the direction of street-wear, then get your ass down to the trade shows, hand out some cards, politic and market yourself and act a fool.