Sunday, March 20, 2011

Printing Banksy: Modern Multiples Creates the LA Prints

It seems to me that all the quiet cats, the unheard of's, the I wish I was an artist, the has beens, the washed up few, the I got nowhere else to go to guys and this guy > Richard Duardo.

It's so amusing to me that after Banksy has seen so much success while keeping his anonymity intact, you now have all these clowns that wanan claim there 5 minutes of fame, or in this case, 15 minutes of one of the worst presentations of a portion of Banksy's work. So there was an earlier video released by the Modern Multiples crew and it was this same guy Richard Duardo, In the first video released,

Mr Duardo is seen tearing up the proofs and screens for the LA prints. You can also see Mr Brainwash in a background shot of the video as well which leads me to believe that these videos were made post 2006, it's clear that in Exit Through The Gift Shop, Banksy's Oscar nominated Street Art Documentary, that him and Thierry, better known as Mr Brainwash, met post 2006 is what I got from the movie. Not sure why or what the reason or motive behind these few over at Modern Multiples is, but one thing for sure, Banksy must be stressing the f*ck out over all these mneyhungry washed up has beens trying to cash in off on another mans success.. my 0.02¢


Printing Banksy: Modern Multiples Creates the LA Prints

The art is thin, but secret identities are always fascinating. No artist needs one. They are always put in place to cover up a glaring weakness.  In Banksy’s case, the weakness is that he is simply a mildly talented, professionally skilled illustrator with some measure of showmanship.  The showmanship is the primary industry in his case.  He draws for people who are texting.  There is absolutely no art being produced.  None at all.  But that is one hell of grand joke if you ask me!  Banksy naked would simply be the emperor with no clothes.  I do however believe that the energy and impulses behind the current explosion of street art will lead directly into the next great movement in art.  But that movement will most assuredly not include Banksy.
This is a video about the Los Angeles fine art printer, Richard Duardo, who worked with Banksy to prepare for a 2006 gallery show. The film was made by Brad Beyer and Robert Dragan.

There’s an official website.