Monday, January 24, 2011

STALLEY MTV Firestarter

Stole this from High Snobiety.. .


Whenever this Massillon, Ohio-bred Emcee is not touring or recording, he is cultivating his classic, clean style. Influenced by the blue-collar, steel worker aesthetic that typifies his Midwestern birthplace. Musically, Stalley has released The Autobiography, a critically acclaimed, Madlib-inspired project and is currently working on his next solo project Lincoln Way Nights (ITM). His music videos "S.T.A.L.L.E.Y.", "Babblin'", "Address" and “Do It Big” have been in rotation on MTV Jams and MTVu. 

Now this is from me:

Shout out to Massillon Ohio Making it onto the map courtesy of there very own STALLEY!!

Was doing the usual thing we all do at 7am'ish on a monday morning, surf the net to make sure you don't miss anything right? Why else would a nigga be up so early when he aint got no where to go?

 Lo and behold what do I see? but my man, S for never stall adding an E and a Y aka the bearded beast on the mike STALLEY 

STALLEY for those of you that don't know is one of the coolest cats in New York via Ohio...I aint forget you Jason... He delivers with a style that stays with you long after you wonder why at times but realize he's just a good lyricist. He comes straight at you (Paws) with a story to tell that keep you wanting to learn more and hear more of the guy known to some as Stalley The Ape 

MTV Firestarter

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