Sunday, January 16, 2011

The artist Salehe Black

Yes yes yall! its sunday and I'm back with some great news.....

My friend Salehe is back with another Knicks inspired rendition of Amar'e Stoudamire! as well as a special treat of one of the original sketch images...

Although this is a commisoned piece, it shows the talent the young footwear designer has to offer. He uses the images and afflictions of his environment  and incorporates them with his love for sports and the arts, while his respect for what is and what has yet to surface is what makes Salehe's style so unique.
He incorporates a humorous aesthetic with his free hand drawings and  his shoe designs are progressive and innovative, it's what keeps him grounded to the sole of his feet yet letting his soul explore the freedom in the world of art.

 Congrats Salehe and thanks for sharing.

Salehe's first print in the series was of the immortal and legendary Patrick Ewing. An edition of 50 which sold out

It made it onto the knicks blog