Friday, November 5, 2010

Skateboarding in Brooklyn 1989

Back in the days we didn't skate to get sponsored, we did it because that's what we did and that's all we knew...

We use to find spots that were somewhat regular places, stairs, rails whatever you could think of.... cause that's all we had and its what we worked with

This video one of my good friends Burak came across it in one of his friends houses and shit, Fraz one KDS is the Asian cat, good friend from around the corner on church ave. Joe was this Haitian kid whose moms was mad overprotective and would come outside looking for him to beat his ass for hanging out... it was great times man, Fraz's family had a laundromat on church ave and east 7th, his parents hated anyone that wasn't Chinese! lol, its just how it was in Brooklyn back in the 80;s growing up, we were just KIDS, chilling from day to day without a care in the world.

Enjoy the video, its really funny to me how i use to be able to do all those tricks and now I can't even touch my toes.....

Sorry if I didn't take the time to edit it and make a skate video, ts just us skating, nothing else