Thursday, November 11, 2010

I Know who BANKSY is.....


Here we go again, another media hyped blog post about revealing the world's most elusive street artist....BANKSY and his identity... blah blah blah

Can someone please please tell these people that we done heard this story all too many times before
I understand you want to drive attention to your film festival, that there are some unknown artists and actors not just starving but dying for attention. Give it up already, when BANKSY wants the world to know who he is, then he will let the world know who he is, until then my friend.


Canimation, part of The Encounters International Film Festival promises to reveal Banksy’s identity?

As part of The Encounters International Film Festival, “Canimation” promises to ‘unveil the mystery behind Banksy’s identity’. Really? Animation Program manager, Keiran Argo, programmed the Canimation strand of the festival to act as a celebration for Bristol’s involvement in both animation and street art development. Kieran said: “The program would have been incomplete without a local contribution so the hunt was on for something special. What Banksy didn’t bargain for when recently stenciling the back wall of Aardman’s new building was the discrete CCTV system they had installed allowing us, for the first time, to put a face to the name. All will be revealed in the program…’
Well well, what to do, is it realistically going to be him? Them? Only time will tell…
For more information on the festival, including program details, line up and opening times, hit the site in the link above.

The rest of these photos below are not mine but from other sites and blogs, i just felt like posting them for everyone to enjoy....

Photo by JasonBlait