Monday, October 11, 2010

Packer Shoes throws it way Back With Fila

Packer Shoes in Teaneck Nj is one of the garden states hidden gems. Right across the Hudson 20 mins away from midtown is where it's located. some may argue that its an easier ride out to Packer's, then it is to get in and out of downtown.

Here we have the first installment of Packer Shoes and Fila. The FX-100 is one of Fila's many attempts to make a signature basketball shoe. In reality, it is the only Fila ayone from the 80's through the present can recalla s a Fila Basketball shoe. I myself never played basketball in my youth, but i sure as hell had a pair of FX-100's like any and everyoe else listening to Hip Hop and seeing LL Cool J rocinkg his Fila Velour suits and his FX-100's.

All in all, Packer Shoes is now a centarian in the footwear game, and the Fila FX-100 is the shoe that proves it on and off the court......