Friday, October 8, 2010

Foodrap Marketing tip 101

A quick trick/tip I learned and thought I should share it with some.

Do you wonder why when someone else googles there name it pops up and yours doesn't? Is it because there more popular? Is it a better brand? More widely known? Do you get frustrated your name doesn't come up in a simple google search? There's a way to change that and all it takes is a few minutes away from Facebook, a couple of clicks from Twitter and just a

First off, do a search for your name/brand/company etc., whatever it is you wish to create a "Brand Presence" for just go and google it. After you've noticed where your tip result is, go to google alerts.

I suggest setting up a gmail account which is seamlessly integrated with alerts and a host of other free user apps within the google network, located

If you didn't already know, google, blogger, youtube and countless other social networking platforms and communities are integrated and link able through one google email. Meaning you only need one email to log into and experience all google has to offer. Then again you may have one email and one email alone and don't care to set up whatever your forté

Now, once you've determined what email to use, go on to set up an alert with your name/brand/company/crew/etc. , set it for a comprehensive search and select as it happens, it will create a google search engine for the alert and in turn cause your alert to come up in more search results and up higher...

But trust me and make your life that much easier and go on over to and start living the google..ahem the good life...

Not affiliated with Google in any way, although I do wish
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