Sunday, September 19, 2010


So is this what life is now? I mean, you don't care about a nigga at all while he's living, well, some of you didn't or don't care, then something happens and you feel vindicated when you facebook, myspace or twit a message of sympathy, an RIP text or a simple I'm sorry.

Sorry about fucking what? sorry about not giving a shit when it mattered? sorry you didn't care enough to call when it was my birthday, sorry you didn't show up when i asked you to, sorry you never got a chance to say sorry for not being there when i really needed you?

being sorry is nothing more than a poor excuse, it means you aint shit other than a few words. it means all the while you had the chance to say something, to call me, to ask how i was and or am doing. Sorry you missed out on life.

Sorry, yea I'm sorry, I'm sorry I ever counted on you as a friend.