Sunday, September 5, 2010

Living Proof Magazine x Curtis Kulig/Love Me Skate Deck!

The next piece in the Living Proof Magazine Artist Alliance comes from the infamous Curtis Kulig. While his name may not be a household one (yet), we're sure you've seen his "Love Me" tags, stickers, and prints all over New York City, Los Angeles, and Tokyo. Curtis is also a photographer, documenting the living, breathing souls of the cornucopia of personalities he comes in contact with on a daily basis.

Curtis combined these two major talents of his with a third, skateboarding, to design a limited-edition skate deck with Living Proof Magazine. The board features a multitude of talking heads, culled from photographs Curtis has taken, cut out and lined up in rows. "Love Me NYC" adorns the top of these faces in the bright red marker Curtis always has in his pocket. Some familiar faces on the deck: Harry Jumonji (seen holding the deck above), Ricky Powell, Mike D, Chad Muska, and Craig Wetherby.

Perfect for hand rails or hanging on your wall. Or both.

The deck is available now at the Living Proof Magazine Web Store and will be available soon at Supreme in New York City.

The deck measures 33 1/2 inches x 8 1/4 inches. Edition of 100. Hand numbered. Price: $60. Manufactured by CBSC.

The Living Proof Magazine Artist Alliance was birthed as a way for the artist to feature his or her work on products ranging from headwear to skateboards. Through the rest of the year, the Artist Alliance will release headwear from Marco Zamora, Steven Harrington, and Cope2.  |