Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I Love my Country

Yes i really do Love my Country. I mean what other country could you live in where controversy is part of the constitution! Where baby mama drama is the front page of the news. What other country gives national news coverage to a multi-million dollar team decision about a kid who didn't even go to college! Or better yet, the moms in Wantagh, LI who are saying tha the cell phone towers emit dangerous radiation all day and that they don't want cell phone towers in there neighborhood, but then complain about no service? Or the moms and dads protesting a new Walmart because it will affect small businesses that close at 11pm and you always cursing and wishing they were gone because you couldn't get a beer or a pack of cigarettes after 11.

The best one yet is the new proposed mosque in the vicinity of lower Manhattan which if i can recall is still called, LOWER MANHATTAN and not GROUND ZERO. Which i never believed should be called ground zero, it should always be knows as "THE WORLD TRADE CENTER, THE GROUND OF HEROES", If you gonna beef about it being such a sacred place and all, at least show some respect to those heroes that lost there lives on that tragic day and not call it a number of no significance..sheesh!!!

why if it means so much to you, do you not think of the damage you are doing in protesting the creation of a Mosque in Lower Manhattan. All the lives lost, all the people blamed, all the religions looking to blame each other for the trials and tribulations of salvation.

So how and why do you protest a house of worship being built and not the destruction of a historic landmark building? The old Burlington Coat factory bulding was legendary for those of us who grew up in New York City and consider themselves Generation X-ers, men and women who are between 30 and 40, born between 1970 and 1979, cats that rocked LO$, or in plain english, Wore Polo by Ralph Lauren and dedicated there lives to it. 92ski jackets, eskimo, outdoorsman, boots, rings and cartoon stadium button ups were in abundance at Burlington Coat Factory. I remember spending hours and days at a time in that building, going through the racks hoping to find that one I - T, that one piece i could either tuck under the bag, swoop down the leg, switch a tag or if i was lucky enough to have some money that day, just go and pay and feel good about finding something in my size.

I am totally against the destruction of a building to build any house of worship not solely because its a mosque. How do you justify destroying a building, losing all that usable square footage to then never be able to get it back? imagine what kind of drama would unfold if then someone bought the land, the building and wanted to tear it down.

The building could currently be converted into low income housing in a high cost society, it could be converted into a homeless shelter, a battered womens shelter, shit, in todays economy, they could just expand the unemployment office located around the corner.

You see, the controversy is not a cause worth championing for, by protesting against it because it is a mosque, is the greatest form of discrimination whatsoever! How can you say you aint a racist but go on national television saying you against the proposed construction of a house of worship of another mans faith? The President says he isnt against it, that the country we call home was created because of freedoms wanted, values needed to manage, the hope of escape from being persecuted and yet you judge and persecute those of another faith? Give me a break already! How do you judge my Presidents words when you look to that same administration for help in time of need? How do you say He's on the side of terrorists when he plays neutral in the debate? How do you, Mr Senator, Mr GOP, Mr Republican from the midwest who has no personal interest other than self promotion and re-election say its wrong.

I think the proposed mosque can and should be built in lower Manahttan if there is not another one already available in good if not perfect condition readily available to followers of the faith now in the immediate area. If one building doesn't have to be torn down so anorther one can go up. Since when was the world trade considered  a symbol of freedom and not capitolism?

this is to be continued......