Thursday, August 12, 2010

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Animal Farm by Joe Black

Posted: 11 Aug 2010 05:01 PM PDT

Joe Black is releasing a new print through Cosh on Thursday the 12th of August at 1.00pm BST. It is the second in the superhero trilogy, this time featuring Superman. The cost for Animal Farm will be £215 and it is an edition of 12. This should fly off the shelves, so good luck!

Cosh would like to announce the arrival of the new Joe Black print. This print being the second in the trilogy.

A large and very limited edition Archival Giclee print (308grm). Hand finished with two colour silk screen,
oil paint and Karisma pencil detailing.

The print stems from the original Joe Black artwork entitled 'Animal Farm' and consists of 1,389 badges of western cultural
imagery interspersed with corporate logos, fast food and obesity.

The piece focuses in on the supersized culture of modern society and our relentless greed for wanting bigger and better.

Superman embodies the notions of goodness, physical beauty and power. The defacing of the image of superman questions
the desires and aspirations that drive us to believe that mass consumption will make our lives better. Does 'super' mean good?

This print will be available on Thursday the 12th August at 1.00pm BST.

To purchase use link:
Title "Animal Farm"
Media Archival Giclee (308grm) print with 2 colour silk (Gloss and pearl white) screen and hand finished with oil paint and Karisma pencil detailing
size 64 x 90 cm
Edition 12 (signed and number by the artist)
Price £215 at Cosh UK
Animal Farm by Joe Black

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Prefab77 x New Store x Heist Paste-Ups x Reflective Heist Sticker

Posted: 11 Aug 2010 11:36 AM PDT

Prefab77 who has just returned from the US Open of Surf where they were commissioned to do 3 large walls during the event, has a newly revamped Big Cartel store. Ready for purchase is four editions of their Heist Paste-ups and a new giant reflective Heist sticker that is 30″ by 40″. The Paste-ups range from £10 – £18 while the massive reflective sticker is £45. Grab yours now and be sure to check out the other pieces that are available for purchase.

Just a few small updates for the mailing list this month! Firstly we've re-worked our website slightly with a new, easy to use BigCartel store.

Secondly, due to overwhelming requests and thefts, we've made our screenprinted paste-ups available to buy. They are £10 – £18 and printed on thin newsprint, with a very nice texture. Seen all over the globe and now in 4 versions!

We've also got our new stickers up there, including a GIANT reflective Heist sticker, the beast is 30" x 40"!!

Click here to view the new store.
Heist Paste Ups and Stickers by Prefab77

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Not Everything Is So Black And White by Eelus

Posted: 11 Aug 2010 11:09 AM PDT

One of the most awaited prints of the year is set to drop on Friday the 13th. Not Everything Is So Black & White by Eelus is a 22 color screen that has been compared to the Nola print created by Banksy (although Eelus insists this concept was derived well before Banksy's piece). This print will be an edition of 120 for £210 + p&p. There will be a hand-finished edition as well that is said to be super limited, so be there at 3pm GMT on the dot if you're looking to purchase this print.

The wait is over, my new print Not Everything Is So Black & White will be released this Friday at 3pm only at I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has waited so patiently for this print to drop. It was vital that the production wasn't rushed in any way, so you may have waited longer than expected, but you can be assured that you're getting the absolute best quality print I could possibly offer.

Just to remind you, the edition size is 120, screen printed with 22 beautiful colours, all for the price of £210 + p&p. There will also be a super exclusive, VERY limited hand finished edition online at the same time. To make sure there are no mistakes with overselling, there will be a small safety buffer in place with the stock levels on the site, so if you see a 'stock level low' message, then just give it a minute and try again.

I've been totally overwhelmed with the response and anticipation for this print release and I'm trying my best to reply to everyone who has been asking for more info. I'm still just one guy in a small room trying to hold all this down and with my upcoming show in NYC racing ever closer, it's proving hard to get round to answering everybody as there's just so much other work to be done. So apologies if I haven't gotten back to you just yet.
Not Everything Is So Black And White by Eelus

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And So We Continue by Fran Williams

Posted: 11 Aug 2010 09:41 AM PDT

Fine Grime has a new print available by Fran Williams titled And so we continue. This Giclee print is an edition of 50 and will run you £90.00.

'And so we continue' by Fran Williams
Limited Edition Print
Medium: Giclee
Paper: 310gm2
Size: 330 x 430 mm
Edition size: 50
Signed / Numbered / Titled by Artist
Price: £90.00 at Fine Grime
And So We Continue by Fran Williams

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