Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The TAO of Blogging

The TAO of blogging?, Funny question yet one that needs to be asked from time to time.

Its more like what the fuck should I blog about? i mean do people really care what I might think about a new pair of kicks? or lets say the latest movie? or a new cell phone? yea, I should start blogging aboput the newest and latest blackberry! WOW, that would be so epic. No it would not, and your a fucking idiot if you really thought i was serious.

So what is there to blog about? I know, how about I blog about traveling!, yea I can post pics of ll the places i been to! Who the fuck really cares bout places I been to without them...

I know, how about I just post about whatever the fuck I feel like posting?

That kinda works for me....