Friday, July 9, 2010


These are the work of Anthony Burrill and Chad Rea. One of whom is a highly regarded British designer and the other an American copywriter known for his brand activism. Their sly reworkings of the modern motivational poster were first released in a kind of bogus self help book, but they work equally well as these mini prints - perfect for sprinkling round the office while the boss is on holiday. £30.00 each or £75.00 for the set.
You'll know by now that the Burning Candy crew are the biggest thing to hit London streets since the bendy bus. This trademark skull is the work of crew stalwartCyclops and it's one hot ticket.
  Pete Fowler - Natural Electronics
Here's our first ever Lino cut, which Mr.Fowler carefully sculpted himself. Then he personally hand coloured each one. Short of coming round and delivering it himself this is about as intimate as it gets. 

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