Monday, July 26, 2010

The Fuck Boston DunkxChange

Boston played host to the DunkxChange on Sunday, July 25th and 'heads from throughout Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island converged on The Fourth Wall Project in the Fenway-area, and the event also saw some cats that made the trek from New York City and the Nation's Capital.

The folks that made their way North to Boston were glad to leave behind the heat and humidity that has been slamming the East coast and even the cats from NYC were glad to be in Boston.  Being with fellow sneaker lovers and not having to contend with 90-degree-plus weather was a welcomed reprieve.

The heat was on in Boston, but most of the heat was in the form of sneakers starting with Gary's Wu-Tang Clan Nike Dunk Highs.  I caught more than a dozen folks staring, pointing and one dude got so amp'd, that he nearing dropped his shiny iPhone 4 as he was retrieving it from his pocket to snap a picture to show his friends what they were missing.

There were alot of people walking around with boxes of sneakers that they were looking to buy, sell or trade.  SFK and I noticed that this time, there seemed to be more people that were attempting to sell worn sneakers.  In one instance, we were standing outside to get some fresh air, we overheard a cat ask another dude if he'd sell him the Air Jordan 6 Olympic sneakers (released in 2008) that he was wearing.  The Jordan 6 wearer said, "Let me think about it" and then continued to say to the potential buyer that he'd sell them to him for $90, to which SFK and I looked at each other, and we must have been thinking the same thing......we both must have made a screw-face at the same time that said, emphatically----GTFOOH!  Homie wanted $90 for some beat, yellowed and severely scuffed Air Jordan 6s that I would say were BEAT and, on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being near deadstock, I would've rated them a 4.

Well, suffice it to say that the Boston event was well attended, with over 100 people in attendance and it was held at a great location where people could walk around, catch up with folks they hadn't seen in awhile and show their sole passion.

Next up for the DunkxChange: they'll be in two cities in Washington, D.C. and Miami on Saturday, July 31.  Visit their website at DunkxChange for more details.

Posted By Dee Wells to OSD™ at 7/26/2010 08:30:00 AM