Friday, July 23, 2010

from the knitting factory: Lemi’s Limited Edition Fela Prints

Greetings Fela Fans,

This week in Fela brings us...

...Introducing Lemi's Limited Edition Posters!

Ghariokwu Lemi designed over 30 album covers for Nigerian afrobeat star and political activist Fela Kuti.  He's now releasing 2 Limited Edition Posters featuring his cover art for the albums "Yellow Fever" and the back cover of "JJD (Johnny Just Drop)", which both include an immediate digital download of the album. There are only 85 left and they're going fast, so pick yours up today!

And, in this brand new video, we caught up with Lemi to learn more about his experience working with Fela, the meaning of both Fela's songs and their graphic representation, and what Lemi thinks Fela would make of the current Fela Kuti music revival and Broadway smash-hit.