Monday, July 12, 2010

@Etsy Finds: Jewelry Guide

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July 12, 2010

Occasions call for varying degrees of ornamentation, and the best part about snagging an accessory is when it blends into a multitude of looks. Check out the Jewelry Guide I've put together to jumpstart your summer look, whether you're gallery hopping, having drinks with the girls, or seeking tasteful everyday wear.

Gallery Opening

Cotton Spiral Sculptural Necklace

By Revisions, $21.


By treeandkimball, $28.

The Mother Ship

By royalcuriosity, $185.

Beaded Couture Statement Ring

By TrendeFemme, $45.

Lace Pocket Square Gold Earrings

By amyspishposh, $18.

Feather and Chain Earrings

By noemiah, $35.

Drinks With the Girls

Plume Earrings 

By bellabijoujewellery, $92.

t o s c a n a

By fadedroses, $28.

black faceted stone necklace

By acommonthread, $40.

art deco rhinestone long necklace

By bethtastic, $65.

Long Silver Robin Necklace

By FridaAndMarilyn, $92.

Swan Lake Ring

By wewear, $29.

First Date

Labradorite Lariat Necklace

By ShoogiSpark, $33.

Tanza Glass Stone EARRINGS

By lulieyal, $29.

Other-worldly turquoise necklace

By inspiredbydesign, $1,950.

Tiny Locket & Freshwater Earrings

By EclecticOrchid, $18.50

galaxy geode ring

By SarahLewisJewelry, $275.

Two-Toned Teal Twist Necklace

By katiecompanyinc, $25.

Local Regatta

Nautical Stripe Earrings

By FallOrFly, $5.

Nautical Stripe Necklace

By BasilAndLola, $245.

Chrysoverde Gold Ring

By ChristineMighion, $325.

nautical sailboat statement necklace

By shoppleasethankyou, $128.

Nautical tassel necklace

By SeeGreen, $42.

Nautical Necklace

By BROOKLYNrehab, $18.

Nautical Mile Earrings

By linkeldesigns, $13.50.

Sail Away With Me Ring

By cupcakesryum, $15.

Day at the Beach

Leather hemp cords bracelet

By martin1206, $5.

Beach House Necklace

By moderntrinkets, SOLD.

Marine Blue Crystal Toe Ring

By mlwdesigns, $6.

Carnelian Brass Chain Anklet

By brasslady, $8.99.

Sasha Peacock Drops

By shopfoundobjects, $85.

Bezeled White Coral Necklace

By irisjewelrydesign, $79.


Rhinestone Quartz Chandelier Earrings

By RoseoftheMire, $65

Bridesmaid's Set

By WeddingJewels, $48.

White Sapphire and 14kt Gold Set

By Silverwoods, $1483.

Silver Swallow Dangle Earrings

By liliswan, $22.

Anwen Necklace

By ShopStingrayJewels, $195.

Bridal bracelet

By jurgitahandmade, $102.

Everyday Wear

14K Gold Ear Studs

By louisagallery, $57.

Skeleton Key Ring

By annekiel, $78.

Golden Bubbles - Leather Cuff

By ERMoriginals, $18.

Sterling silver hoop circle earrings

By limegreenmodern, $21.

Arabesque monogram necklace

By BellaEveJewelry, $53.

Silver Engraved Custom Bracelet 

By jlwjewels, $80.

Wine Tasting

Ruby Red Flower Cocktail Ring

By BrillianceFound, $32.

Delicate -Earrings

By Faeriedtreasures, $28.

Pearly Pearl Pearls, Necklace

By seadandelion, $160.

Merlot Wine Tag Necklace

By ShinyCatCreations, $17.

ROCK Fetish Oval ring in Garnet

By onegarnetgirl, $188.

Statement Earrings

By dbaer, $58.

Bachelorette Party

SINNER Oval Necklace

By MetalTaboo, $36.

Vintage Silver Diamond Ring Brooch

From broochonmyback59, $15.

Vintage Rhinestone Drop Earrings

By JeepersKeepers, $26.

Bold Statement

By ZariiDesigns, $24.

Sexy Leg ON SALE

By Cajajewelry, $35.

A Love Affair Bracelet Cuff

By littlestboutique, $85.

Dinner at the Country Club

Personalized White Pearl Necklace

By Beazuness, $15.

Huge Long Sterling Rhinestone Ring

From purpledaisyjewelry, $85.

Pearl Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet

By luxedeluxe, $48.

Friends Ring

By lousineadelia, $80.

large gilded. sea twig. earrings

By TenThings, $24.

Large turquoise and silver earrings

By esmeweatherwax, $125.