Monday, July 5, 2010

CHG'S Eclipse The Summer Line-Up


Once upon a time, Summer was a no-man's land for art.  When we opened four years ago, we were shocked to find galleries closing up shop in July and August, waiting to re-open for the Fall art season.  But with cable TV now debuting some of its best new series in Summer, Comic Con delivering the ultimate Pop Culture fest in July, and big art shows like Todd Schorr's retrospective at the Ben Maltz Gallery and the urban art exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in San Diego opening their doors during the "dog days", Summer has become a legitimate "Fourth Season" for the arts.  Our Eclipse the Summer series began with a bang in Bristol, England and we'll be presenting some of the finest artists in the New Contemporary Art movement with Brandi Milne, Natalia Fabia, Eric Joyner and Buff Monster exhibiting their newest and most exciting work to date.  We invite you to join us for our most ambitious summer schedule ever and prepare to be inspired, shocked and awed by the artists who are setting the standards for the next big wave in the art world.  Check the image attached for new works and information on dates and times. For advance online previews, please contact me at Or even if you just want to chat about art :) 

Best always, Jan