Tuesday, July 27, 2010

BP pump closed across London so we can move beyond oil

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Subject: BP pump closed across London so we can move beyond oil

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Help us move beyond oil


Our volunteers are closing BP stations across London but we need to make sure strong fuel laws are in place. Email the transport secretary now

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Help us rebrand BP
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Hi there,

Today we launch the next stage of our rebranding of BP. Starting at 5.30am, teams of Greenpeace volunteers have taken action and have been shutting down BP petrol stations across London. They're closing down all BP stations in central London – almost 50.

The teams - each named after an animal threatened by BP's reckless oil exploration - fanned out across the capital in their electric and hybrid cars, going station to station disabling the pumps.

We need to move beyond oil and you can help.

Write to transport secretary Theresa Villiers to demand strong laws which will help move us away from irresponsible oil exploration towards cleaner energy sources.

Why today? Because BP is expected to announce the appointment of Bob Dudley as the company's new head to replace the gaffe-prone Tony Hayward, who led BP during the disastrous Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

We want to send a strong message to BP's new boss to ditch the spin and actually move 'beyond petroleum' as the company once claimed to be doing.

But there's more. This is also about realising what we can achieve if we set our minds to it, because we can end the oil age. We already have the tools we need to leave it behind and move towards a clean energy future. All that's missing is the determination to make it happen fast.

Today we're asking you to take a first step, and help push for the strongest possible European law on fuel quality.

BP and other oil lobbyists are hard at work trying to water down the Fuel Quality Directive, a piece of EU legislation which hopes to set limits on how much of the dirtiest, most polluting fuels - such as those extracted from tar sands - can be imported here and put in our tanks.

So while teams of volunteers are out on the streets of London stopping BP selling its fuel, you can help take us on the first step as we move beyond oil.

We need to tell the transport secretary Theresa Villiers to support the strongest possible European law which restricts imports of the most damaging fuels such as tar sands.

Together we are louder than the BP lobbyists. Take action now.

Thanks for your support,

James Sadri
27 July 2010

PS Check out the live updates as BP stations across London are closed on our website.

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