Monday, July 12, 2010

The Artist Known as Curtis Kulig

So the other night the man of many talents also known as: Curtis Kulig but better known as: Love Me called me up said " YO, VIDAL, I GOT SOMETHING FOR YOU "

Went over to meet him, which i might add, he is everything and at the same time nothing you would expect. I know I know, it sounds weird but thats exactly what it is, because if it wasnt, it wouldnt be what it is....

Shout Outs due and much respect for the personalized canvas....
Fwd: IMG01177-20100710-2326.jpg
and the frontage....

Check out Curtis Kulig doing it big in NYC,
and remember, no photoshop here guy! 

And yes although the homie is an out of towner from ND, and not a native New Yorker, he gets a pass from me, why? because he never claims to be from NYC like some other cats who say " oh i live here for over this many years so i am like a new yorker now.." #GETTHEFUCKOUTTAHERE!  he knows he from somewhere else, doesn't claim what he isn't,  he gives thanks to the city for what its done for him and he's gotten more fame in a short amount of time than most would want him to have, but even though, the homie is still grounded...

few snaps from his place:

Thanks Curtis....