Wednesday, June 30, 2010

THE FOOX BOOM! Bankers Vote FOOX for President 4Ever!

FOOX Show opening at Lyons Wier and sponsored by Figenza turned out better than expected with FOOX blowing the roof off this spot and spilling it onto the streets of Manhattan. Read the Wall Street Journal coverage of the event. Massive FOOX


picture 63.png

Show some LOVE to your LOVED 1 and get them a summer BUDDHA BUCKS WALLET. Everything about these wallets is limited (silver hard drive packaging, FOOX Fortune inserts, and hand pressed wallet are all sealed with a kiss by the artist himself DAMN!) 

picture 65.png

BUDDHA BUCKS WALLETS featured on Thrillist and Plastic and Plush and just in time for summer. 

You can view FOOX up at Lyons Wier until July 17th, 2010. 
Lyons Wier, New York
"As Within So Without" a Solo Show by David Foox 
175 7th Avenue corner of 20th Street and 7th Avenue

;FOOX  福生

FOOX 1 State Street, NY, NY, 10011

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