Wednesday, June 30, 2010

BSA Blogging for HuffPost Arts Page


BSA is Blogging on The Huffington Post Arts Page

Hello BSA Friends and Family,

We are honored to be bloggers for the Huff Post Arts Page and are excited to share it with you. BSA has been featured twice on this premier journalism site, this time we come as contributors.

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An Interview With Faile on Their Newest Work:

BSA: From a broader perspective, what role do you think Street Art can or should play to affect social or political change?
Faile: It's a form of communication for the people. Meaning it's direct and aims straight to the masses. In it's most sincere form it's there for anyone and not wrapped up in a hidden agenda. In this way, it has great power and people respond to that. I think it has saturation points and has been co-opted by some along the way, but I also believe there is a huge energy there and when struck in the right way can move mountains.

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